Tarsha’s Worth The Wait L’Chaverim – Qavah – קָוָה

Qavah means ‘hope’ in Hebrew and he was surely filled with hope for the future.

Qavah likes to run around with his pack and is good to not follow when they do something wrong, like climb the fence. He also enjoys cuddling up on the pillows.

DateEventHost ClubJudge(s)Accomplishment(s)
11/09/13ConformationCanada Del Oro Kennel Club Mr. Lou M GuerreroBest of Breed from 9-12mo Puppy

Health Test Results:

  • OFA Carrier for Fanconi Syndrome
  • OFA Progressive Retinal Atrophy Affected
  • CERF as free of significant observable inherited eye disease with persistent pupillary membranes (iris to iris)

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