Current Dogs

At Chaverim Basenjis, we want to make sure that our dogs are first and foremost part of the family. We make sure they are well loved, cared for, and stay healthy. We also enjoy taking our dogs to the conformation and lure coursing events. You’ll never find our dogs tied up outside or refused any food, water, or shade. We expect that all dogs should receive at minimum the same level of care and love we provide.

As our dogs are pets and we recognize they can’t always get the attention the deserve when puppies and other dogs come in, so they do find forever homes when they are about five years old. This way they can become a little more relaxed and are usually done with their puppy antics, but still have many years to enjoy at their new homes.

Once our loved ones move to their new homes, we will move their pages over to the ’Basenjis Through the Years‘ page.

Chaverim’s Mount Nebo
DC Sulous Ezer Katan L’Chaverim SC
CH Jamaa-Tanza Tri’d It One Night At Chaverim
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