CH Tarsha’s Crown Royal SC – Buddy

Buddy got his name as he just looked like he would be, and turned out to be, the best little buddy and proved that dogs really are peoples’ best friends.

Buddy loves to just be around his people, whether it’s next to you on the couch or just curled up at your feet. He don’t particularly love being dressed up for the cold weather, but will certainly go out to do his business when needed. Buddy lives in Tucson and loves his family of all different species.

DateEventHost ClubJudge(s)Accomplishment(s)
3/26/16ConformationScottsdale Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.Mrs. Frances H Colonna3pt Major
6/19/16ConformationSangre de Cristo Kennel ClubMr. Eugene Blake3pt Major and new Champion
11/04/18Lure CoursingDesert Fun Bunch Sighthound ClubMs. Jane M Gentzen3pt Major

Health test results:

  • OFA Clear for Fanconi Syndrome
  • OFA Normal for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-BJ1)
  • OFA Good Hips
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