Our Breeding Program

At Chaverim Basenjis, our breeding program works to maintain the breed to the approved AKC standard. As such, our basenji puppies are focused toward movement, soundness, and hunting/coursing ability.

Please feel free to browse our litters. If you happen to be interested in a basenji, please fill out the questionnaire below and return it to us so that we can be sure to inform you of any potential new family members we have, or know of.

(agility / conformation / obedience / coursing, etc.)
(please list ages as well as kinds and genders)
(please include where they went as well)
(house, apartment, condo, etc.)
(please include information about water features and fencing)
(please include information about how long the dog would be left at home alone and if it’s consistent schedule vs ad hoc)
(please include ages and experience with animals)
(please include any additional information you’d like us to consider)

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