FC Chaverim’s Veronica Lodge SC – Maple

Maple got her name from her lovely smell and that she’s sweet like Maple syrup.

Maple enjoys spending her time laying in the sun, but always indoors. She’ll also catch the wild lovebirds to bring back to the family when she’s not playing with them and chasing other wildlife in the yard.

DateEventHost ClubJudge(s)Accomplishment(s)
2/11/18Lure CoursingDesert Fun Bunch Sighthound ClubPhil Fullam5pt Major
7/27/19Lure CoursingCopper State Basenji ClubJulie Garrahan5pt Major

Health test results:

  • OFA Clear for Fanconi Syndrome
  • Eyes Normal for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-BJ1) by parentage (not recorded through OFA without direct DNA test)
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