Jamaa-Tanza Tri’d It One Night at Chaverim – Laila – לילה

Laila is the Hebrew word for ‘night’ which is where she can run around and blend in perfectly to the shadows so she could hunt well if she were back in the Congo where these lovely dogs originate.

Laila loves to run around jumping on her housemates and roll over wiggling like crazy. She’ll let you know when she’s extra excited with baroos and yodels even when she has her favorite hedgehog toy in her mouth.

DateEventHost ClubJudge(s)Accomplishment(s)
9/25/20ConformationSacramento Valley Dog Fanciers AssociationMrs. Sulie Greendale-Paveza3pt Major at her first show
11/8/20ConformationCanada del Oro Kennel ClubMs. Sharon Sakson5pt Major

Health test results:

  • OFA Clear for Fanconi Syndrome
  • OFA Normal for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-BJ1)
  • CERF as free of significant observable inherited eye disease with persistent pupillary membranes (iris to iris).
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