Basenjis Through the Years

With our first litter on the ground, and other dogs having moved to other homes, we wanted to make sure people could see the rest of our clan enjoying themselves. As each one has had a strong place in our hearts, we love being able to see them all enjoying life.

Khani’s Teazer I’m Too Sexy L’Chaverim (Kyla)
Maple (Veronica)
Chaverim’s Veronica Lodge (Maple)
Chaverim’s Medjai Ben Moshe (Medjai)
Ella (Betty)
Chaverim’s Betty Cooper (Ella)
Obi (Archie)
Khani’s Chaverim Archie Andrews (Obi)
Tarsha’s Worth The Wait L’Chaverim (Qavah)
Nowata’s Nailah L’Chaverim (Nailah)